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LED Camping Lantern With Fan
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LED Camping Lantern With Fan

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Are you searching for a device that can give you extra hours of light and fan? If 'YES', then you are at right place. Today, we will tell you about an LED Camping Lantern With Fan. These lanterns are able to provide users air and light up to 37 hours. Surprisingly, it does so only with the help of 2 D-cell batteries.

Attractive Features : 

  • Built-in-fan keeps the place cool and more comfortable.
  • You can either hang it inside your tent or leave it standing on its base.
  • Just hang the device as it is a fan or lamp.
  • Contains 18 super bright white light LED bulbs.
  • Lightweight and portability make it perfect for people.
  • 2 x D cell batteries are needed (not included).
  • 360 degrees full rotation Fan.
  • Suitable for outdoor activities like Camping, Outing & Hiking.
  • Built-in hook helps to hang the lantern.
  • Weather-resistant lighting accessory is best to use.

    Package Contains: 

    • 1 LED Camping Light With Ceiling Fan


    Question: How long does the fan work with one set of batteries?

    Answer: Surely, it will serve you for 8 hours. But the time limit may increase if you don't use both light and the fan at the same time.

    What type of material has been used for making blades of a fan?

    Answer: Well, it's all plastic used in blades. Don't get worried, it functions properly.

    Are we able to use both light and fan at the same time?

    Answer:  Of course, you can. Both have their own switch.

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