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No Pull Dog Harness

Heavy Duty No Pull Dog Harness

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Time has come to stop pulling and strengthen your companionship with your pet. Try this new and all-in-one no pull dog harness. No more discomfort to your furry friend and let them enjoy to the most. Pick the one out of attractive colors available that best suits your dog personality.

Using it is not difficult at all. Just slide the harness over dog's head, buckle it up and then adjust the straps. Now, you are ready to go with it. Grab the top handle for extra control.

No Pull Dog Harness


  • The harness contains adjustable straps to provide maximum comfort to doggie. With the tags provided, you can better know where each strap fits (shoulders, center chest or girth).
  • It's good that no pressure is created on the delicate throat area of the dog. No issues like their choke, gag or cough.
  • Best way to keep your pet under control while driving the car. Make use of gray seat belt handle or adjustable car control strap at that time.
  • The back leash D-ring makes it the finest option when it comes to running or jogging with pets.
  • Reflective nylon proves helpful during low light. Also, it promises the safety of pets whom we love more than our lives.
  • The slip-free harness is made of soft padding and comfortably fits all breeds and size of dogs.
  • Quick-release snap buckles help to put on and take off the harness in a simple manner.
  • Made from robust and top material, the product is highly durable and anti-chew.
  • Helps to learn your pet good behaviors to stop leash pulling.

Dog Harness Sizing Instructions : 

Size Chest Weight
Small 18" - 20" 10lb - 19lb
Medium 20" - 24" 19lb - 40lb
Large 25" - 30" 40lb - 60lb
X-Large 28" - 36" 60lb - 80lb


Question: Is the material used for making dog harness safe for dog's skin?

Answer: Yes, it is 100% safe as the harness was designed according to the dog's sensitive skin.

Question: Does it fit for every dog?

Answer: Yes, the harness for a dog comes in different sizes (small, medium and large). Choose the one as per your requirement.

Question: Will it take time to take off the harness?

Answer: No, not at all. With Quick-release snap buckles, you can do it easily without any trouble.

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