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Handmade Dream Catcher Bracelet

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You no longer need to be afraid of nightmares. Pleasant and cozy sleep can now be enjoyed with dream catcher bracelets.  It works in a great way and catches the bad dreams during the night. Talking about the design, it is round in shape and represents the circle of life and how the celestial bodies like sun and moon travel across the sky.

What exactly happens is the bad dreams get trapped in the web in the center thus promoting the good dreams to flow down the feathers to the individual wearing the bracelet.

So, try something different, something that others don't have.

Additional benefits:

  • Dream catcher wristband gives you a special, classy and outstanding look.
  • Nicely carved hand-made silver bracelet matches with all outfits when it's the time to attend parties, events, festivals, etc.
  • Express love to your favorite people by gifting the bracelet on special days.
  • Designed with colorful beads and metal alloy feathers, you can have punk and retro type style.
  • It's very easy to adjust the bracelet length so that it fits your wrist size.
  • Made from elements that are safe for your skin. Nothing like skin infections, allergies and all.
  • Putting on and off the bracelet is simple.
  • Specially crafted to protect you from nightmares and to induce peaceful sleep with good dreams.
  • By wearing a colorful rope bracelet, anyone can enhance its personality and overall appearance.
  • Turquoise bracelet is the top-selling jewelry piece of this season. Get the one at a pocket-friendly price and let it be the shower of your characteristics.

Product Specifications : 

  • Material: Organic Material, Hoop & Metal feathers.
  • Length: About 16cm/6.29in up to 20cm/7.87in.
  • Weight: 10gm.
  • Circle diameter: 3cm/1.18in.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: Will the bracelet serve my purpose for a long time?

Answer: Yes, the product is durable and is made from safe and top quality material.

Question: Is it really helpful in fighting with a nightmare?

Answer: Yes, you can now enjoy better sleep without worrying about a nightmare.

Question: What if the product gets damaged during transportation?

Answer:  Please don't worry about that, the product will reach to you with beautiful gift packing that ensures its safety.

Note: Don't wear this bracelet while sleeping, swimming & bathing. And Keep this in a separate box.

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