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Buckleless Elastic Belt

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Be in style and let others feel envious of your looks. For this, what you need to have is an ultra-modern and trendy buckleless leather belt

Features : 

  • A super comfortable belt that perfectly meets the needs of both men and women.
  • Especially for kids, it has become easy to go to the bathroom. Mothers now needn't worry to undo or redo their kids' pants every time they use the washroom. Let them do it on their own.
  • Made of breathable stretch nylon, there is no problem while sitting, standing, bending, playing, etc.
  • The elastic belt is suitable for individuals weighing under 160 lbs.
  • It's too easy to adjust the size by sliding the metal bar.
  • Airport check friendly belt can be worn at the time of travel.
  • No need for readjustment even after taking a big and heavy meal.
  • Adjustability feature also helps pregnant ladies and the one who gains additional weight to go for it.
  • Best for daily use.
  • A cool fashion accessory that can be worn on dresses, down jacket, jeans, pant and wind coat.
  • It's almost invisible and creates no extra pressure on your waist.
  • No bulge out, no hassle, just enjoy a better range of motion and comfortability after wearing the belt.
  • Helps you to breathe freely.     


Question: Can it be used for children?

Answer: Yes, of course, it's a great option for skinny and slim children who often have issues of pant tightening. Also, the kids feel no pressure on their waist.

Question: Is it safe to use no buckle belt while traveling by air?

Answer: Yes, the belt is completely airport check friendly.

Question: I want to know about the quality of the material used?

Answer: Unlike the traditional belts, it is designed with breathable stretch nylon so that you stay comfortable while sitting, standing, bending, etc.

Demonstration of Buckle Less Belt

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