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Cat siting in beige color window hammock
Cat Hammock Window Bed
Cat Hammock Window Bed With Mat
Cat Hammock Window Bed
green color cat hammock window

Cat Hammock Window Bed

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If we want a comfortable place to sleep then why our pets behind. Bring home Cat Hammock Bed and let them enjoy their sleep. The product is nicely designed to offer them a cozy and peaceful sleep.

Features : 

  • Cat window hammock is portable and ensures long-lasting comfort to your catty.
  • Built from EVA foam material with the polyester surface layer fine and quality material, it has high strength suction cups that can hold up to 33lbs.
  • Know the favorite place of your pet and mount it there. It should be smooth surfaces like windows, glass doors, or smooth walls. Just you need to press the suction cups and make all air out of them to stick to glass.
  • These hammocks for cats are weather resistance, chemical resistance, and moisture-proof.
  • The well-designed product doesn't take much of your time while cleaning it.
  • Even if you are planning to go outside, it can be easily carried.
  • It is foldable and can be carried when you are out of the home.

Product Specifications : 

  • Size: 68cmX28cm
  • Suitable For: Cat and Small Pets 
  • Installation Location: Door back  / House Window / Car Window 


Question: I want to know cat hammocks are made from which type of material?

Answer: It is made from a super soft EVA foam material that causes no harm to your pet.

Question: Is it easy to carry hammocks when I am out for my trips?

Answer: Yes, it is foldable and light in weight. You can carry and mount it easily on the window of the car too.

Question: How much weight it can carry?

Answer: Well, the cat hammock window is made from good quality material and its robust suction cups are capable enough to hold up to 33lbs.

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