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Solar System Bracelet
Solar System Bracelet
Solar System Bracelet
Solar System Bracelet

Eight Planet Solar System Bracelet

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If I say it's now possible to carry all the planets in your hand, you won't believe it. Some of you might think Am I gone mad? Not completely, but it's true to some extent. Here, we have come up with the latest "Solar System Bracelet". Its specialty is that it symbolizes different features of our vast universe through its colorful beads.


  • The solar system beaded bracelet fits all wrist sizes. It has been designed keeping in mind the needs of kids, men, and women. You all can wear it and adjust the length if needed.
  • If you are thinking that the bracelet containing a number of beads may leave behind marks or rashes on your skin then you are wrong. Made with soft and premium quality material, it is totally safe for all skin types.
  • It is easy to carry it as the bracelet doesn't contain much weight. You can comfortably wear it all day long.
  • The astronomy charm bracelet perfectly matches to all your outfits. In, fact it brings an unusual charm to a simple dress. We can say, you needn't wear any other ornament to complete your looks.
  • The gemstones showing the planets of the universe are 100% pure and natural. There is a shine on each and every bead if you look at them closely.
  • Good to use for the purpose of Yoga, Healing and Praying.
  • For its safe and proper storage, there comes a jewelry pouch along with the pack. Keep it there at the time you are not wearing it.
  • Expertly designed Solar system wire bracelet helps you achieve more success and brings calmness and serenity to your mind as well as your life.
  • The product is highly durable and will continue to please you for a long. Still, in case, the beads start getting separated from each other, we are giving you the extra elastics to put all of them together and bring it back to its actual position.
  • Colorful gemstones clearly represent our galaxy that consists of Neptune, Mercury, Sun, Moon, Pluto, Mars, etc.
  • Gifting the bracelet to your special people would be a better idea to express love. It is a perfect gift for occasions like Birthday, Christmas Day, Friendship Day, Valentine's Day, Anniversary, Mother's day, etc.
  • It's now simple to get all the benefits at many reasonable rates.
  • Along with bestowing you with more patience and harmony in life, it is a trendy and stylish Jewelry piece too.

    Product Specifications :

    • Bead Size : 8mm & 10 mm
    • Bead Material: Natural Stone
    • Suitable For: Men & Women
    • Size : 17-18 cm
    • Chain Type: Elastic wire

      Solar System Bracelet

    Frequently Asked Questions : 

    Question: Is the color of the product is same as it appears in pictures?

    Answer: We provide true information and don't hide anything from our customers. Talking about the color of the product, it may slightly differ from pictures. And it should not be considered as a product defect. It's just at the time of clicking pictures, the camera lights create a difference. Not a big matter, the difference is minor and can be ignored at all.

    Question: My skin is sensitive and easily prone to allergies and infections. Is it suitable for me?

    Answer: Please don't worry about that. The fine quality material (after proper testing) has been used. It will surely suit your skin, in fact to everyone's skin.

    Question:  What if it breaks off?

    Answer: We have a solution for this. It comes with an extra elastic that you can use to join the beads together. Few chances are there that you face this situation, but 1% if it occurs, then go ahead with the elastic provided with the bracelet.

    Question: I would like to know have you used artificial or natural gemstones?

    Answer: Nothing like that artificial or man-made stone. Our product is highly qualitative and involves the finest craftsmanship. The single stone used in the space bracelet is real. Your satisfaction matters a lot for us and always strives to provide you the best product that you pay for.

    Note: Don't wear this bracelet while sleeping, swimming & bathing. 

    ūüöö Estimated delivery time 10 - 21 days