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Baby groot planter making heart with hands
Cute Groot  Planter
Super Cute Baby Groot  Planter
Product detail of groot planter
Back side of groot planter
Groot planter flower pot
Groot planter as pen stand

Baby Groot Planter-Cute Flower Pot

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Give a new touch to your home and office with the Baby Groot Planter. This multi-function and versatile flower pot look fabulous when kept at your favorite spot.

Groot Man Planter Pot | Flower pots, Cartoon trees, Baby groot

Features : 

  • Stylish and adorable decoration pieces for the office, home, garden area, restaurants, etc.
  • It can be used as a flowerpot, pen/pencil holder, water bottle holder, mobile phone holder or to keep other small items of daily use.
  • Top-quality PVC and eco-friendly material ensure the safety of children as well as environmental protection.
  • You will see that there is a small hole under Groot flowerpot that helps water to leak out. The hole hides on the bottom if you use it as a pen holder so that the looks are not affected.
  • Unique and extraordinary color design fulfill your visual expectations, especially of kids.
  • The product is long-lasting and the dark color don't get dirty easily.
  • Use adhesive glue to recover the pot, in case it breaks.
  • A fine idea to present it to your dear ones on their special day.

Baby Groot Size : 

  • height -14cm/5.51",
  • head - 9cm/3.54",
  • width - 8cm/3.15"


Question:  Please tell me, how deep is the Groot plant holder?

Answer: Well, the pot is 3.5 inches deep. You can keep your daily use items in it.

Question:  Is it possible to move the hands or arms of Groot?

Answer: No, you can't do so. It is fixed.

Question:  If used as a live plant holder, how water would come out?

Answer: Keeping this thing in mind, there kept a small drainage hole in the pot. The size is just like the tip of a pen.

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