Solar system bracelet made with gems & beads
Solar System Bracelet
Hand Painted Galaxy Bracelet
Beautiful universe bracelet wearing in hand

Eight Planet Solar System Bracelet

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Our solar system bracelet is made from charming gemstone & natural beads. Each stone represents the different planets of our universe. Each planet has its own benefits & effect for your body & mind. Feel the benefits of each planet on your body while wearing it. An attractive piece of jewelry to gift your family & friends. All of the beads are hand-painted by skilled artisans.

  • Orange Stone: Sun
  • Deep-Sea Stone: Mercury
  • Copper Bead: Venus
  • Opal Stone: Moon
  • King Turquoise Stone: Earth
  • Red Agate Stone: Mars
  • Tiger Eye Stone: Jupiter
  • Whitelip Stone: Saturn
  • Blue Cat Eye Stone: Uranus
  • Lapis Stone: Neptune

Product Detail :

  • Bead Size : 8mm & 10 mm
  • Bead Material: Natural Stone
  • Suitable For: Men & Women
  • Size : 17-18 cm
  • Chain Type: Elastic wire

  Solar System Bracelet

Note: Don't wear this bracelet while sleeping, swimming & bathing. And Keep this in a separate box.

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