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The Magic Trap For Fishing

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Are you bored with the same old fishing methods then try this new one. 'The Magic Fish Trap' is the latest and perfect for fishing lovers. This multi-functional, portable and lightweight trap is well-designed with fine material. To catch lots of fishes in one go, it's a suitable one. 

Major Benefits Of Magic Fish Trap 

  • The skillfully designed fish trap causes no harm to the catcher.
  • The quality has duly maintained and high precision nylon has been used for making a mash.
  • Circle alloy frame design (360° net trap) helps to catch a number of fishes.
  • 'Foldability' is another impressive feature. It doesn't consume much of your space. The use of elastic material allows the trap to get folded and make it easy to carry.
  • It doesn't require much effort on the user's part. The portable, convenient and easy-to-use trap has lured fishing enthusiasts. No need to install it, just pull the string from the top and you will see that net opens automatically.
  • Its features are long-lasting i.e durable steel wire support and button device that helps to fold the net when pressed.
  • You will find it beneficial for saltwater and freshwater. If used in saltwater, don't forget to rinse it after every use.
  • Now it's easy to catch lobster, minnows, shrimp, crawfish, smelt, and crab.
  • Special double zipper design lets you to easily take out the prey.
  • Automatic telescopic fishing shrimp networks in a fantastic way.
  • As you open the magic trap, you will see the red color ring to provide safety to your finger. The trap's position in water can also be checked.

    HOW TO USE : 


    Question:  I want to catch crayfish, can I? 

    Answer: Yup! you can catch crayfish easily using the magic fish trap. Along with this, it is perfect for minnows, shrimp, smelt and crabs.

    What should I use for bait as I want to catch minnows?

    Answer: Stuff like bread, oatmeal that can easily break in small particles may help you catch the minnows.

    Can I carry it with me when I am out fishing?

    Answer: Yes, of course. The trap is fold-able and can be easily carried anywhere you want.

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