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Upper Body Posture Brace For Men/Women
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Adjustable Body Posture Corrector Brace

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There is a need to think over our body postures as it may prove deleterious to health. When you are at your work or doing any activity, high chances are there that you suffer from bad posture. No one is left untouched of this, even the athletes also. It doesn't matter whether you are a male or female, gamer, this well designed and smart 'Posture Brace' is a must for all age groups.

Benefits : 

  • Posture Brace is made in such a way that it fits comfortably to multiple body types.
  • With this, your shoulders are pulled back firmly. No "rounding" of shoulders helps to avoid unhealthy posture.
  • It is good for athletes maintaining proper back form while they are working out.
  • Posture corrector also helps to prevent injuries.
  • Great way to stay healthy.
  • It's not at all a temporary fix. As your body adjusts and get comfortable wearing it, muscle memory will form so that even you remove it, your body will naturally adjust to new healthy posture.
  • The best option for men, women and even for kids.

    Health Benefits Of Posture Brace


  • Medium: For adults up to 150 lbs - 180 lbs (68 - 82 kg)
  • Large: For adults between 181-225 lbs (83 kg - 102 kg).

Product Details:

1. Wide, strong and comfortable upper back support.
2. Contain buckles that are easy to adjust.
3. Strong Stickiness.
4. The long belt is easy to adjust.
5. Breathable and quality material enables you to wear it all day long.


Question: Can the posture corrector be used by women?

Answer: Of course, women can use it. It has been designed to fit both for male and female body structure.

Question: For how many hours can I wear the posture brace?

Answer:  It is very clear that your body is not used to the new posture, so it will take some time and have patience. As you feel uncomfortable, just remove it. After some time, wear it again. Please avoid using it while sleeping.

Question: Tell me, can I wear it under my shirt?

Answer: Yes! you can. This sleek and comfortable posture corrector can be worn undershirts. When you are outside the home, no one will even notice it. But one thing, to enjoy maximum comfort, it is better to wear over clothing.

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